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Data shows over 85% of all hearing devices nationwide are actually fitted incorrectly. This astounding statistic is sobering and unacceptable. Odds are, the best healthcare providers in America don’t live within reasonable driving distance of your city. Earlux sifts throughout America to find the cream of the crop to deliver your care. Earlux not only gives you the best products — but also, the best people.

Before Earlux, getting hearing help felt like it was a 20 foot-jump mentally and financially for me. These guys made it feel more like a two-inch jump. The wife is now extremely happy and I feel alive again.

James F./ Prescott, Az


For years, traditional hearing clinics have used enormous overhead and expensive marketing campaigns to get you in their doors. This has pushed the best devices and professionals out of reach of the common person.  Enter Earlux.

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    Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    One of the most exciting recent developments in hearing aid technology is the addition of Bluetooth. This allows your hearing aids to connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet. Benefits include:

    • Hearing phone calls more clearly
    • Being able to stream audio from your device to your hearing aids, including music, podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls
    • The ability to control your hearing aids via an app on your phone

    Some models of hearing aid can even be used as a truly hands-free wireless headset for phone calls. Bluetooth hearing aids are just as tiny as other hearing aid models. A typical hearing aid is only about an inch long, and sits just on top of the ear, with a thin wire delivering sound to the ear canal, but even in-the-ear hearing aids are now available with Bluetooth. Many Bluetooth hearing aids feature rechargeable batteries as well.

    Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids aren’t limited to phone calls and music! Creative uses we’ve seen include a school bus driver streaming turn-by-turn navigation to his hearing aids, a nurse using a Bluetooth stethoscope to stream heart sounds to her hearing aids, and at least one sneaky person listening to music instead of paying attention in a work meeting!

    Bluetooth is no longer limited to top-of-the-line hearing aids. There are hearing aids with this benefit available at many price points to fit all budgets.

    "As Seen on TV" Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Several new products have been developed to address the needs of people with hearing difficulties. Some types of hearing aids have become an “As Seen on TV” product that recently hit the market. While marketing for such products can seem wonderful, many of these products are not the high-end hearing aids that they claim to be.

    These devices can be purchased without a hearing test, and without the involvement of a qualified professional. While this sounds convenient, take a moment to think this through! Hearing loss is a medical condition, and no two people will have the same deficits or treatment needs. Would you take medication based on self-diagnosis and without seeing a physician for the appropriate tests? Hearing loss should not be treated this way, either!

    High-quality hearing aids do cost more than the devices you see on TV. Part of this is the technology; those cheap devices are usually simple amplifiers that make everything loud rather than addressing your unique hearing needs. Quality hearing aids can be very precisely tuned to boost only the sounds that you need. They also boast advanced processing features that cheap devices can only dream of. More importantly, however, high-quality hearing aids from a clinic include professional care at that cost. We, the qualified professionals, will work with you one-on-one until you are hearing your best in all the situations that matter to you. Those cheap devices you see on TV usually just end up in a drawer, unused.

    Earlux sells only high-quality hearing aids, and when you purchase hearing aids from us, you get unlimited professional care in the convenience of your own home. Hearing care is health care, and when it comes to your health, why cut corners? Call us today at 1-833-4-EARLUX