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Proprietary fitting method
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Trademarked Cortex-5 Method

Cortex-5 assists to rewire your brain pathways to give you maximum understanding.

Delivers Unprecedented Speech Clarity

Our Cortex-5 fitting method helps cut through the clutter to deliver powerful speech understanding in background noise like never before.

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Experience the Cortex-5 difference with a 30 day risk-free wear test.

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    Earlux is taking the hearing industry by storm by bringing Americas Top Audiologists virtually into your living room to test and fit hearing aids from afar, all while having an Earlux representative in the home as an extension of the remote Doctor. This change removes the expensive brick+mortar buildings from the equation and makes getting the best hearing care affordable. This enables you to secure revolutionary new technology at a price that won’t break anyone’s piggy bank. Finally!

    "I had all but given up after 10 years and 3 pairs of hearing aids. I reluctantly tried Earlux and their Cortex-5 Method. Life changing! My only regret is not finding them earlier."

    – John B.Dallas, TX

    “83% of patients felt that the quality of virtual doctors visits were as good or superior than a traditional in-office visit.”

    Massachusetts General HospitalBoston, MA



    Testing and adjustments done remotely from the Doctors office, directly to your ears in real time. No need to take time off work for a hearing test or fine tuning adjustment. Hearing care now comes to you and now the other way around.

    Clinic free = less fee

    Everyone knows hearing aids are overpriced in a traditional brick + mortar clinics. Without the need for a clinic, Earlux has the same name brand options from your neighborhood clinic, at a steady price that won’t break the piggy bank.


    With advances in technology, Earlux brings the best Hearing Doctors from all acrossed America virtually into your home. They can test and fit your hearing aids from afar, all while you sit in your pajamas.

    5 STEPS

    How does the Earlux process work?

    Schedule In-home Appointment

    Find a convenient time that works with your busy life and forget the hassle of traditional doctor office visits. Hearing is now on your timetable.

    In-home Hearing Evaluation

    Receive our comprehensive screening tests, free of charge, in the comfort of your own home, guided by our certified Earlux Hearing Pro alongside a world-class Audiologist.

    Video Chat with Licensed Doctor

    Discuss your test results and potential treatment options with an Earlux Audiologist via our live face to face platform

    Select & Program Hearing Aids

    Choose the technology that works for you and have them instantly fit using our proprietary Cortex-5 method.

    Experience the Earlux Difference

    Receive ongoing care and support through direct and frequent access to your Audiologist.