Hearing Aid Styles

Completely In Canal (CIC)

Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are known to be the smallest of all hearing aids options. CIC’s are intended to be worn down inside the ear canal and work automatically without the fanfare of extra knobs and buttons. They appeal to many due to their discreetness and smaller size, which is nearly invisible to the casual observer.

BTE/Receiver In Canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are an over the ear hearing aid with a speaker which sits inside ones ear canal. The speaker connects via a tiny wire, to the rest of the technology which sits behind the ear.  RIC’s popularity has steadily increased since they were introduced and they make up by far the largest part of annual global hearing aid sales worldwide.

Sports Buds

Sports Buds are a hybrid model has been released that merges hearing aids with earbuds for a modern look that brings a “coolness” factor to older traditional hearing aids. This active style is attracting a new generation of hearing aid users who wish to take them in and out depending on their setting.



Sports Buds

Rechargeable + Bluetooth come standard.

Fastest charging lithium-ion powercell battery on the market.

Delivers 23 hours of wear time.

Crystal clear hands free calls videos and audiobooks.

How can I find the right fit?

How can I find the right fit?

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Top hearing aid manufacturers:

Streamline TV

Streamline TV

The perfect companion for TV fans

Streamline TV wirelessly feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality.

Forget the inconvenience of headsets and wires. StreamLine TV enables direct streaming into multiple pairs of compatible hearing aids at the same time.


Bluetooth connectivity offers high-quality audio streaming and control through the myControl App.

The myControl App acts as a relay-less remote control for quick and easy adjustments and personalization. It is the only app to offer 360-degree microphone steering. Users can adjust program and volume, system sounds, power on delay, low battery interval, and flight mode.

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    How long should I wear my aids each day?

    Try to wear them a minimum of ten hours each day.

    Will hearing aids improve my tinnitus?

    Appropriately fit hearing aids will reduce ringing in over 70% of cases.

    Why does my friend/family member not like their hearing aids?

    Over 85% of hearing aids are fit incorrectly. So there is a good chance you know someone in this camp. The Professional fitting them, the device being fitted, and the method being used are all factors involved.

    How does Earlux offer financing for hearing aids?

    While some customers prefer to pay for their aids in full on day 1, many prefer the ease of paying a manageable monthly payment. For the latter, Earlux partners with several financing options. Talk to your Earlux Hearing Pro about an option that would be most comfortable for your situation.

    Are Earlux hearing aids covered by warranty?

    Earlux sells only name brand hearing aids that are covered by their respective manufacturer warranties. Our main models all come with a three-year bumper to bumper manufacturer warranty. Our entry-level model carries a 2-year warranty.

    Does Earlux charge a return fee if aids are returned within the 30-day period?

    We stand by our "30 day Happiness Guarantee” and your a can be returned for a full refund if returned within 30 days of fitting. No return or restocking fees will be charged.

    What if I misplace or damage my new devices?

    We’ve got you covered! We provide each customer with a loss and damage insurance from the manufacturer. In the event this happens, you merely pay a $300 deductible/per aid to be paid to receive a replacement(s)

    How can I message my Earlux Audiologist for service?

    Open your Signia app, choose the 3 lines at the top left, then click Professional, then type in your message and click send. You will receive a message from your Earlux Hearing Provider within 24 hours.

    In what situation should I NOT wear my hearing aids?

    Do not wear them in situations that are too loud, too wet, too dirty, or when sleeping.

    Does Medicare or insurance cover hearing aids?

    Hearing aids are not covered by Medicare and are generally not covered by medical insurance. Some insurers do offer optional plans that include a hearing plan and may offer a minimum contribution.

    How do I access my phone’s hearing controls?

    QUICKLY press your iPhone's home button or side button three times in quick succession.

    How do I send the audio from my Streamline TV to my hearing aids?

    Click the LEFT button on your hearing aid ONCE to connect to the TV.

    How often should I clean them?

    Make a habit of cleaning the rubber tip (called a dome) each night with a Kleenex before placing them in the charger.

    How long do hearing aids last?

    National average is typically 4-5 years. It’s important to keep your hearing aids maintained, cleaned, and tuned-up to get the longest life possible.

    How do I turn the volume up or down?

    A simple click of the TOP button on your RIGHT hearing aid will turn the volume UP with each press. Alternatively, the BOTTOM button on the RIGHT hearing aid turns the volume down. You can also use the Signia app to adjust the volume of your hearing aids.

    How do I turn my hearing aids on and off?

    Putting your aids in your charger will automatically turn them OFF, while taking them out of the charger will automatically turn them ON. Holding the BOTTOM button on each hearing aid for 5 seconds will turn them on/off.